Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Bowie tribute ( and Jimmy C) in Amanda's Galaxy journal

Amanda's Galaxy journal arrived this month and as is usual its been a full on crazy month and I can't believe we are half way through March already.
We are house painting again- it seems to be an ongoing thing with us- another house and another colour scheme but the main issues atm are everything is once again packed away so I have very minimal art supplies accessible. I have some pens, a small tin of inktense pencils, a set of caran dache neocolour 11's and a dribble of white paint left in the bottom of a box I used to teach a workshop with recently. All good- Amanda has very light paper so I couldn't get it too wet anyway. 

As I was mulling over ideas I kept coming back to the ultimate star man for me :) David Bowie and eventually decided on the lyrics for Space Oddity and the page came together fairly quickly once I settled on the theme.

I googled Bowie street art as I had a memory of Australian street artist Jimmy C and his mural tribute once I found it I knew it was the perfect inspiration for my galaxy page. 
 I lightly drew on the paper and then added colour from my pencils 

It came together OK but needed something galactic to pull it together
so I dug out a bottle of blue spray ink and added stars with black and gold dots. 

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