Monday, October 22, 2018

Destination Egypt

What an mind boggling place, it conjures up so many images and thoughts and is one of our most documented and most studied ancient places- so many ideas were present for Annabelle's amazing travelling art journal. 

We are a homeschooling family and when my lads were little my eldest was obsessed with ancient civilisations, especially Egypt. We had some dear friends spend time there and we followed their journey from home and they bought us home a stack of goodies on their return. I raided some of these for the center of this spread, all of those wonderful places to visit.

One needs hieroglyphs for Egypt  and they are great graphic journal fodder too :) I have no idea what I was talking about up there but I like the way they look.

I also had the lyrics of this old song from Mental as Anything that insisted on being included so I squeezed them in too and my page came together. It is a really fun journal and Annabelle I am sure you will enjoy your journey through it on its return. 


Egypt, I saw you 
On the television
I saw your name 
Written on a wall
I saw your picture
In a magazine
Egypt, can I ask you 
To lend me your blue sky
And your dreamy
Virginal tenderness
I don't know you very well
But I really like you
Egypt, I'm a gonna 
A, see you soon
Said I'm a gonna walk on 
Your foreshore
Egypt, won't you hold me
Like I held a map of you
I learned your location 
From a travel brochure
Egypt, I need your 
Sophisticated silence
Egypt I'm a gonna
See you soon
I'm a gonna walk on 
Your foreshore
Songwriters: Chris O'doherty