Monday, July 11, 2011

The Elements of Art Journalling week 2- Earth

This week I have literally been in my
I am such an earth girl,
and I love our
Mother Earth
so much,
so when Effy Wild
from Wild Precious Studio
asked us to really think about Earth
and about ourselves as well,
I had lots of fun.

This weeks lesson focused on texture,
on working up a background using tissue paper,
I had all of these other lovely earthy papers that I was keen to use instead so I just did it my way, and was pretty amazed when this curvaceous goddess popped out of my page, and she was wearing thigh high boots! The boots were a wonderful serendipitous coincidence, I stuck a torn piece of burnt umber lizard skin textured paper onto my page and it turned into the boots.

I have been thinking about earth all week,
walking in the rain forest,
digging in the dirt,
and one of Effy's extra suggestions was to have a nice big meal of root veggies and journal about that, and I just happened to read that suggestion the day I was baking beetroots.

So onto the journal page went the tops and tails,
and they left behind such pretty marks.

That led me to an even greater appreciation of beetroot.

Did you know it has been cultivated since ancient times?
Babylonia, Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome all enjoyed this wonderful plant, leaves and roots.

It is even said that Apollo himself dined on it.

Each week Effy sends out lots of video
and she also sends out a PDF,
that I have reformatted
so I could make it into a little mini booklet
and add it to my journal,

all that wonderful information
will now be stored right where I need it.

and I will do a mini booklet each week
and add it to the relevant section.

With all of the earthy contemplation I have been doing I have been waking up filled with enthusiasm and ideas of what to journal about, if only life didn't get in the way of making art I could fill a whole journal on earth.

On morning I woke with John Seed's
on my mind,
and I had to get up and get that into my journal as soon as I could.

This is actually the first page I did,
before I watched Effys videos.
I just felt moved to do an Earth page
and this is how it came out.
I have been going to add more to it,
but I think that is all there is-
Shelter Me.


  1. oh my gosh your pages are so beautiful.. I really like them all! I love how you stamped your page with the beetroot what a great Idea. You've inspired me with your shelter me page...I may do something similar as a border on my page, I need to think it through some more and that is of course if you don't mind me borrowing from you???

    and the booklet idea that is simply genious!

  2. This makes my heart so happy, Louise. I'm so moved and grateful that you're having such a fabulous time!

  3. I followed Effys link to you and I must say I am so glad I did ! Beautiful pages !!! Very inspiring!!

  4. Dianna, I am honored you feel inspired by my page and have no problem at all with you doing your page with that image inspiring you.

    Effy :-)

    Kirsty thanks for dropping in for a look.

    Kat, I love your dream :-)

    Thanks ladies

  5. Great post and beautiful pages, Louise!
    You are so talented and creative!


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