Wednesday, July 20, 2016

30 Days of Painting Challenge

I have a few online spaces I inhabit and one of them is a very special warm and safe community the  Australian Artist Swap Group on facebook. The name is pretty clear we are all Australian residents as I started this group to save on postage costs and facilitate an active swap community locally.
Inspired by the beautiful and talented Judy Wise  we are gathering a group to work on a single canvas for 30 days, even if it is only for 5 mins and the 30 days do not need to be consecutive but we will be tracking our progress and sharing the experience and images on our group with ‪#‎AASG30daychallenge‬
We already have 2 of our lovely members away and enjoying the challenge and I will posting prompts and inspirations over the 30 days, if you are wanting to join us we are always welcoming to new members who meet our few guide lines - you need to be a resident of Australia and keen to join in with the group, there is no pressure to join the swaps we have  few members who are there to appreciate the art produced and the energy of the group. We do not do any selling in this space and it is a very safe and encouraging space where we welcome and appreciate all abilities and contributions, ranging from the children's ATC swaps right through to the Travelling Art Journals

 Oh and in other news I am working on a brand new web site at Fig Tree Sanctuary It seems all River Girls have to grow up eventually and I need to come up with my new business name in the meantime it is Fig Tree Sanctuary, so pop over there if you would like to see my latest developments as I complete my training in art therapy and intentional creativity.