Monday, June 12, 2017

Studio Snapshot- June 2017

What is on your easel? what are you up to ? We have had a super wet long weekend here  and I have had some time to try and sort things out and take stock in my life and in the studio. 

I was shocked to discover recently I have been here over 2 months- wow where did that time go and how am I still living in chaos? Thank you to lovely Kathy for the reality check and the talks.

So while I did grab a few moments to appreciate the beauty of the rain on my surrounds- I do love raindrops and could have totally photobombed this post, how cool is the vulva tree in my hedge?

I took this shot looking into the studio from outside I can see my blue parrot over there against the other window. 

I mostly worked on tidying up and cleaning  and getting
I have had stuff in storage for so many years and it is finally all in one space and of course we have grown out of tonnes of it so I am getting it all sorted and ready and selling it off. 

I did also spend some time resetting my studio alter and my Tree as Spirit journal is safely sitting there soaking up all the lovely energy now I just need to sort the rest of the studio for this weeks classes.