Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Goddess Journals

I have been making little journals

repurposing old book pages,
pamphlets, maps and

and all sorts of beautiful things to inspire others.

 They are all slightly different with a variety of techniques used

in beautiful colours.

I have  used inks, dyes, stamps,

stencils, gesso , inktense watercolor pencils and acrylic paints.

and my imagination

 leaving plenty of open space for journaling

including some of my original art
(these are from a day playing with a printing press)

because these little Goddess journals 
were made with love and intention
for some of my friends.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

BoD update 1

I have been really enjoying the process of working in my BoD

Unfortunately I dont have a good internet plan living here by my river so I dont get to watch most of the video's, however I do get to follow along with the group on facebook and I just sort of go with the process now.

These are pages I have played on ready to journal with,
and I often start a diary in the new year but I do tend to let it slip pretty easily

I am finding combining my art journal with my diary = Bod is working really well for me.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Painted Pages

 I have been working through some personal issues and when I need to think I like to play, so I got out a stack of colorful supplies and some old book pages I had removed to make atlered books and I spent a lovely few hours.

 I played with acrylic paints and inks, silk dyes distress inks and alcohol inks.
I didn't have to think about anything, I just kept going until I was finished.

 Using stencils, stamps, punchinella and bubble wrap and some free journaling.
After all of that I was ready to commit to moving far away from my beloved river, and moving my family into a whole new advemture.

I have also been keeping up my BoD
it has been great therapy and a great tool keeping me on track

documenting my comings and goings and downloading out of my busy busy head.

I wanted to keep this little Facebook post as well so it found its way into my BoD.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Book of Days

 I along with almost 8oo fellow BoD'ers
have taken up the 
to travel through 2012
working in a Book of Days together.

The group is a lovely supportive
  open and thriving community 
and all are welcome.

I have chosen my word for the year
it is

Effy is offering lessons
in mixed media and art journaling 
throughout the whole year.
This is a pocket I have added to my BoD

 It is a lovely collaboration of art journaling,
diary and community,
and everyone is being very inpired and very creative.

These pages are from my first week
and I am loving the discipline and the process.

I have prepped a few pages for future weeks
and have challenged myself to work in
warmer colors.

I have a page to store some inspiration
for things I am considering this year.

I think 2012 is going to be a big year of change for this river girl,
and am thankful to have my Bod and my word for the year 
to accompany me.

Sunday, January 8, 2012


I recently came across these pics
from a series I did of birds
 and sadly these are the only 2 I have photos of.
That is a gorgeous Boobook Owl above.

This one is a Tawny Frogmouth,
not technically an owl no,
but often grouped with owls 
as it has the same nocturnal habits
 and is similar in many ways.

All of these birds in this series have flown to other homes.

And these little guys are whimsical owls 
hanging out in my art journal.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Sacred Moments

I have been working in Vera's
 "Sacred Moments"
Traveling Art Journal

This theme was a bit challenging for me
because I tend to find the sacred in every moment,
 as we have just passed summer solstice
here in Australia,
I chose that sacred moment,
of breaking dawn
on the longest day.

The writing on the left of this page
 is a quote from

and reads

"We inhabit ourselves without  valuing ourselves
unable to see that here, and now, 
this very moment is sacred, 
once its gone- its value is incontestable"
by Joyce Carol Oates.

Vera has made a unique journal,
she has a crotchet spine
and the pages are all sorts of thing,
paper bags, recycled envelopes,
 tarot cards, and even cardboard packaging. 
It is a fun and funky journal.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year

 It is the start of a new year
 and there are so many juicy offerings 
of wonderful free classes online.

I have taken up quite a few of these offers
 and I hope I have not over committed.

I am doing the 365 Project and so are my boys.
It is photographic documentary of your year and my boys have both got cameras now so I am hoping we will all improve our photography skills and the boys will enjoy being part of an online community. I'm not super confident we will all post every day but we will do it as much as we can.

I am also taking  the Strathmore Online Workshops
There are 3 workshops on offer
 and the first one is with the fabulou
Traci Bautista Doodles Unleashed
It is a 4 week course and I am so excited about this one,
There are 2 other work shops as well
Water color sketching with Cathy Johnson in March
Force Drawing with Michael Mattesi in May

 These images on this page 
are from another course I am doing
at wild precious life with Effy Wild
It is a year long art journaling course,
and I am already inspired.

So far we have altered  our books and 
are searching for our one word for 2012
I have narrowed my choices down to 


I have also decided to play along with Jan Fox
with weekly prompts for arting.
I don't plan on doing all of these 
but sometimes
 its nice
 to have inspiration delivered right into your inbox!

I am also slowly working my way 
through all the fabulous lessons
I love these lessons
 and I love Christy's teaching style and artistic style,
she is so inspirational.

I have recently joined a wonderful ning platform
with the fabulous and so very generous 
AMy McDonald
So many free groups and lessons,
videos and tutorials .

I am also participating in 2 round robin art journal swaps,
 although I only have 2 more art journals 
to work in for the International  Art Journal Swap.

Oh and Artist Trading Cards's
I will have to be joining in on various ATC swaps 
as I am loving my growing collection of these,
If anyone wants to do a swap with me for ATCs
 please leave me a comment and we can do a trade.

So that should keep me
 artistically motivated throughout the year.

I am going to need my word  
and my book of days to keep me focused.

Bright Blessings for the new year to you.