Saturday, September 10, 2011

Animal Totem Traveling Art Journal

I have signed up for a new art journal round robin.
This one is over at Milliandes Art Community for Women
and it is being hosted by Stacey Deller and it is called

I have filled in all of my spare time
this last week making my journal.

It has a canvas cover,
and I had to make my own feathers as customs rules in Australia are very strict about feathers and leaves and seeds etc.

My theme is
and I am really excited about my little journal
taking this journey around the world
gathering wisdom
beautiful art works
from my fellow artists.

I do love animals,
all animals.

This is a little welcome booklet
with some lovely elephants
I have had for a while and I have
been looking for a good place to use them.

A wise owl for my title page.

Stacey has asked us to also do our first double page spread
and I chose to do Platypus as my totem animal.

The platypus is a unique Australian animal.
They are monotremes.
Mammals that lay eggs
instead of live birthing their young,
and they produce milk to feed their young.
Platypus are only found on the east coast
of Australia so are a very local totem to where I live.

They are very interesting and secretive creatures
and have an interesting past.
Here is my journal,
all ready to travel the world,
I wish I could tuck myself between its pages
and go to.

Did I mention I love animals?
I have not had a dog for far too long
and a girl like me needs a dog.
I have always been a doberman girl
and I adore the breed of the noble dobe,
so much in fact that I have owned 5 of them
and would love another one.

However times change and I am a single mum these days
and I live in rental accommodation
and I travel in a van with my 2 beautiful boys,
a dobe just does not fit our lives
at the moment.

So we have got a toy poodle,
we will be picking him up on Monday I think
and his sister as well,
and taking them both down to visit our very good friends.
that is where the little girl puppy will be living.


  1. Oh Louise your journal looks AMAZING!!! You have outdone yourself! So much love and care has gotten into the journal I can't wait to see it in person!! I would not have imagined you as a doberman girl - a toy poodle will be quite a change I imagine. The puppies look adorable!!:-)
    Have a fabulous time and stay safe!

  2. Beautiful journal. I really need to get moving!

  3. sounds like a FABulous round robin!!! Love your work... yummy - vicki xo

  4. How did I miss this post?! I LOVE your journal! I love everything about it! The cover is absolutely my style, I wish I could touch it! It looks just like an art journal which is about to travel the world should look! :) Your work in it is so good, so creative, it's amazing! And I am so happy that you will get a dog! I have a labrador, and it's such a joy having him! Hope to see photos of your new dog soon! :)

  5. Your journal is beautiful....what stitching did you use to bind it? Love your Blog and your posts....thank you for sharing....

    1. Hi GG,
      I tend to just ad lib when it comes to all the art I do, including my book binding efforts. For this journal I sewed the signatures into a mat board spine with a simple pamphlet stitch. Then I glued the spine and a front and back piece into my lose canvas cover. I hope that helps. Thanks for dropping by.


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