Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Elements of Art Journalling week 1

I have started doing an online
art journal course
over at Wild Precious Studio
with the fabulous Effy Wild

It is called
The Elements of Art Journalling
and it is still open
if you want to join me and loads of other lovely ladies.

Week 1 has us contemplating the elements
and creating our journals
this is the first layer on my
brand new spiral bound visual diary.

I do love a nice new art journal,
all bright and shiny and full of possibilities.

Over my collage I added paints and inks and some stamping
and inside I added a series of tabs for each section.

to finish off my cover on my gorgeous new journal
I quickly made a simple spiral stencil
out of a piece of copy paper,

and added one of my goddess figures.
I also stamped a title-
The Elements

Inside I made a tabbed page for each element,
I also made a pocket to hold any collage elements
or other inspirational bits and pieces
I find on my journey through the elements with Effy.

Next up was some mind mapping on each element.
I loved this part, really thinking about and just
intuitively jotting down my thoughts.

Personally I really identify with Earth and Water
so Air and Fire were going to be really difficult,
So I thought,lol.

I took my journal down to the skate park with my boys
and sat with Air,
the normally very boring time at the skate park
was a great opportunity to have to sit
and have no other distractions
and contemplate Air.

Align Center
Next up was water~
water is my element,
I love all forms of water and live overlooking
my beloved Clarence River

So water was like a lovely little holiday
soothing and restorative.

I am really looking forward
to exploring water further with this course.

Fire - I love a nice fire on a cold night
or a camp fire when I am out in the bush

Mind mapping fire
was also easier than I expected,
I did this one sitting on the lounge
if front of the fire one night.

this one actually turned out to be the most challenging
and I have not quite finished this page.

I will sit with spirit again and come back to this page.

I couldn't wait to play in my new journal though,
and this is my first page.

I started off with the Charge of the Goddess,

and one of my printed Goddesses
and then I played with colour.

I used Caran d'Ache neocolours
and my new glimmer mist on these pages

and here is my first elements spread.
I worked with my caran d'ache neocolurs again
to represent each element,
Out lined with zig writers
and finished off with my current favourite
silver acrylic.

I am so ready for week 2 Effy.


  1. Oh my Goodness.....you are so inspiring. I'm so far behind you...running, running to catch up.

    Obviously you have done a lot of this type of work before....I'm such a newbie, I hated what I started with and ripped it out (I started using a spiral bound like you) and consigned it to the fire.

    I really like the pockets for the elements, such a good idea.

  2. Holy macaroni. What scrumptious pages. Love the swirl on that first page and how the colors ease into one another. Yum!

  3. Wow Louise! So much gorgeousness! I absolutely love everything that you've done, but especially the use of spirals and the goddess.
    Your use of multiple tabs and pockets is brilliant :) and I so appreciate the photos of your process.
    There's so much else to like here as well - we share the affinity to water/air; the energy I feel from being here and being connected to you at Wild.Precious is super warm & positive - oh, and you love living beside a river, lol.
    Thank you!

  4. Oh wow, just WOW!!! I really really love your pages. They are so beautiful. Makes me wish I was taking this class right now.

  5. Wow Louise! I'd say FIRE is your element right now ... your journal, spreads and clustering pages are amazing, you've done some really deep work. I love your use of imagery and words, making even the writing pages beautiful with background elements. I am just finished prepping my book and am eager to dive in after viewing all that you've set up! Looking forward to journeying with you these coming weeks.
    xo Lis

  6. Great work! Thank you so much for sharing!

  7. Such a lovely write up of your first week, and lookit all those SUMPTUOUS pages! *Happy*

  8. Wow Louise! Our personal art is so similar!! or it would be if I could get it to look as "natural" as yours... I've just found these, gutted I missed making it- I've been working on the elements since my first year of my art degree, it always creeps in, can't help it! Same with spirals...obsessed... shame we can't spend an afternoon creating- maybe if I win the lottery, eh!!


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