Saturday, July 9, 2011

Deep Roots

I live near a rain forest,
and in the rain forest live 2 magnificent old fig trees.

They are so big and so beautiful,
one of them has tunnels through its roots,
its great big buttress roots,
that my youngest son loves to play in.

These amazing buttress roots form walls of a fort,
dams to hold back the invisible tide of imagination,
and offer a wonderful natural balancing beam.

They also go down deep,
deep into the earth,
on the banks of the mighty mighty river.

They have held on through so many years,
so many floods,
over hundreds of years
they could tell you a story if you came and listened.

I love my river and the fig trees
and they inspired me to create one of my very own.

This Fig tree is a special tree,
it has messages in its leaves,
and wide spreading branches to bear special fruit.

I made it with paper mache over a wire frame
and used my favorite baby wipes
and more wire to make the leaves.

This is Sapphire, he is a wild rainbow lorikeet,
they are a local rain forest species,
and he knows my fig tree is special.
Sapphire is in love with our pet lorikeet
Emerald, and they had babies last year,
it seems he is back to spend more time with our Em
and he is quite comfortable
coming in to our home,
and getting into my art supplies !!!!!
and perching in my fig tree.

I hope he doesn't want to eat
its special fruits though.


  1. This is so beautiful! *Wants a tree like that*


  2. Mee too........
    Love it and obviously Sapphire loves it too.

  3. A wonderful post! I love your figtree and Sapphire obviously approves as well;-) That is so cool he is back... you might get more babies:-) xoxo


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