Friday, August 1, 2014

Nicoles Travelling Art Journal

Sometimes, life gets to be too much,
 and even though every day we do what needs doing,
 life can become a bit of a blur- 

we can forget to notice the everyday moments
 that make life so rich 
and we can miss out 
on those activities that do bring us pleasure
 but are not quite so essential so they get put aside.

I have been in this space lately 
so the routine of a travelling journal 
arriving every month has been a real blessing.

I have not been doing much art at all
just masquerading that life is normal

The chance to contemplate working in a friends journal
to think about the theme and how it sits with me
to gather the materials -
 these tiny river peddles are from my beloved Clarence River
all offer me a chance
 to step outside of the stress and worries and touch my creative fire

My creative fire is my core
it gives me strength and joy and pleasure
I need to get back to creating daily,
but for now I am grateful for this