Wednesday, July 25, 2012

~~Recycled breakfast cereal box~~ Art Journal

I have 2 beautiful sons 
and one of them is a teenager 
and a cereal-a-holic

With their help I have a constant supply 
of cardboard boxes awaiting a new life.

I made this quirky art journal 
and I kept all the flaps in tact to attach extra bits 

and just to add an interactive aspect,

I gessoed and painted both sides
 of the boxes
 before I cut them to size and assembled them.

And then I started to play

I have had a bit of a bird theme in my work lately

and an on going tree theme.

I took this journal travelling
and kept  adding bits and pieces while away.


  1. I love this,especially the birds.

  2. Louise this is brilliant. I just love it. I must really get my act together again now and start up my journalling and journal making again. Seeing your beautiful journal has really inspired me again. Thank you so much love and hugs Helen xx

  3. I love using cereal boxes for my journals. They are great to paint on. Your journal is amazing! Filled with gorgeous art!

  4. So inspiring Louise!!! Your art as always is a feast for the eyes!!:-) xoxo

  5. Lovely, Louise. It's great to use what would otherwise be thrown away. If you'd like to, consider yourself tagged to do the "Just for Fun" meme on my blog. No obligation.

  6. Lovely! Just lovely! I am attempting my first one. How are the pages bound?


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