Monday, January 27, 2014

Being my own good friend-

One of my intentions this year is to really focus on health, I want to regain my fitness and strength and lose some weight. I know setting new habits is challenging and I also know once they are routine for me I will do them a whole lot easier- so I have a few secret weapons to help me be the best friend I can to me :)

1- is my walking buddies - C and V they are great friends and over the years we have shared many walks, by making arrangements to walk together every weekday morning at 7am we will be less inclined to stay in bed and let down out friends. 

2- is my  new found freedom- my kids are growing up, not so long ago I could not go out and leave them alone for an hour, let alone an hour every morning, so by making my walk - Me Time- adult time I share with my friends I am turning it into more of a treat than anything else.

3- is my pooch- Indi my toy poodle loves his walks and for the last 6 months I have been unwell and spending so much time in bed, accompanied by my Indi, once he gets into the routine of walking with his best mate - C and V have a dog too, he will be a great motivator to get me out and walking as well. I also feel a bit guilty that he has been so idle for so long and I want to be a good doggy mama and take him for walks.

4- is my river- The mighty mighty Clarence river is one of my greatest loves, to walk along it every morning is the best way to get motivated and happy and set my intentions for each day- it is a great thinking place and so grounding for my soul.

5- is my added bonus- I am in a bad habit of switching on my laptop and catching up online with my early morning coffee, it can them be on all day and it is a time vampire- by getting out into the fresh air and moving my body I think I will reprogram my thinking. I am going to try to get through our morning routines before I catch up on facebook, email, blogs etc.

6- is what I put into my body- I am pretty good in what I eat I don't do processed foods really and make most things from scratch so I need to focus on portion control and drink more water.

7- is what I put into my mind- I have not been a good friend to me ever I think I have always been my own harshest critic so its time to reprogram my thinking on that and I am following Louise

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