Friday, January 3, 2014

Setting Intentions

I love the idea of using new years eve as a stepping off point to bring some new change into my life and have some pretty memorable times that has happened when I have harnessed that power of new, that fresh energy and used it to drive and manifest what I wanted in my life.

I have also had other years when I have set intentions, or words or goals and they have not been fully realised. I do still think it is a worthwhile practice to ponder what the passing year has bought and what the coming year may offer.

What you might want to focus on to help bring it into your life, what direction you want to head.

This year I have used a combination of my own ponderings, a new sparkly art journal and the New Year Revolution planner.

2014 is going to be a big one for me- I am undergoing a massive transformation and hope to emerge as a beautiful butterfly over the next year or so.

I wish you a happy new year
and hope your own intentions bring your goals to fruition.


  1. I think you are already a beautiful butterfly! :-) But I hope your wishes come true in 2014 xoxo

  2. I agree with Monika :D
    I also love this idea of setting intentions, and choosing a word especially. Last year was the first time I did that and it really did follow me throughout the year. I feel like this is going to be an amazing year for all of us <3

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    2. Thank you Vintage Gypsy, I love the imagery of your name :) and it is you my friend Patricia <3 I am going to have new words each month to help me in my transformation- this month is Establish and Habit as I get my new routines in place.


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