Friday, January 24, 2014

Soul Food

I am so, so, so, lucky
I was gifted a place in Soul Food 
and it is amazing

It is hosted over on Mystele's ning, Community Thrive- it is a really lovely online community, with free classes and regular art challenges as well as the more indepth classes and  the year long extravaganza feast- Soul Food.

The teachers are amazing, I have loved every class so far they are fresh and all so different
and all classes are available all year so if you are after some real artistic nourishment have a look at soul food.

Classes are posted twice a week and there is a wonderful discussion afterwards and a very lively facebook page for sharing and peeking at all of the amazing work being done by everyone.

We all benefit from art
and from new idea's and sharing inspiration.
Oh and did I mention recipes?
We get yummy recipes every week as well,
so nourishing the body as well.

Thank you so much Maisy, Mystelle and Heather 

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  1. Your lesson outcomes are brilliant as your art always is.


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