Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Inspiration and teaching yourself

Isn't the internet wonderful?

How lucky are we that we can just log on and feast our eyes on so much art, fill our ears with endless music and answer almost any question we can imagine.

I love to sample things from all across the board online, I have eclectic tastes and I tend to indulge deeply in a certain band or a certain artist, I really get into their art and feel it.
 If it is a band or a singer the lyrics that stay in my mind often form a journal page. 

If it is an artist I will often do my own take on their style, I am not trying to copy their work and I only do this in my journal what I am trying to do is soak up some of their artistic language, 
so I can add it to my own vocabulary and better myself as an artist.

I have been very inspired by Shiloh Sophia McCloud 
lately and was really moved by this piece 

It comes from here and the imagery and the words really touched me.
I was feeling sick and down ( again) the new year was starting with me in bed ( again) but I did have some beautiful new art tools to play with and I was feeling inspired so I played in my transformation journal and my art therapy took away all my pain for a little while :)

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  1. Your medicine must be working....it's a beautiful piece.


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