Friday, February 17, 2017

Myth and Magic Mini Art Journal Swap

I am trying to create a very safe and inclusive environment for the Australian Art Swap Group, I don't always achieve this and sadly there are some who have left the group because they did not feel either of those things, however for those of us still there I am  constantly working on improving it.

One of the ways I strive for inclusion is to encourage everyone to host or co host swaps or to share their ideas for swaps or any other group activity they would like to see happen. Consequently we have a wonderful diversity of artists who all bring different skills and inspire us in different ways. 

Janie O'Brien, one of our ladies recently introduced a mini booklet swap  and her theme was Nature. I was looking for something to work on over the long hot summer holiday time and remembered how I had enjoyed working on "Birds on the Brain" so ran a "Myth and Magic" mini art journal swap.

I  enjoy this swap format, it is 12 A5 size pages - just 3 A4 sheets folded and bound and is an ideal size to really explore a theme and the number of fairly small pages is really manageable. It also fitted easily into my bag so I could take it out and work in it and some days it is just nice to art out in the world, particularly on those hot and humid days we have been having lately, the peace and calm of the air conditioned library was such a relief.

I explored the Wheel of the Year and wanted to make it look old and weathered, like it has been a well thumbed reference for many years, laying about in kitchens and getting splashed on, taken on long rambling walks and journeys, carried about and shared.


Friday, February 10, 2017

Art Journal Prompts

Every month in our Australian Art Swap Group I am putting up art journal prompts - this one is all about layers and is one of our February prompts. 

It was created for a travelling Art Journal and we are getting ready to launch our next round of the Australian Travelling Art Journal, it will be round 4 and numbers are strictly limited. 

Friday, February 3, 2017

Inspiration Deck Swap

The friendly bunch over at the Australian Art Swap Group are really hopping this year, with swaps travelling to all corners of the country, we are always welcoming active new members as long as they are residents in Australia. 

So far this year we have been making Dottee Dolls, a few rounds of A.T.Cs, a Myth and Magic mini journal, deconstructed art journals,  journal prompts for our own journals and Joan has started another amazing monthly prompt- that is bringing out some incredible art. 

We are also running and Inspiration Card Deck swap where we all alter half a deck of playing cards and then they all come to me to mix them all up and send them all back- sounds like fun :) 

Friday, January 27, 2017

Monotone Travelling Art Journal

It was a real pleasure to receive my mums travelling art journal- Monotones, and have it in my hands, to touch and look at and then to play in the remaining pages.

I wanted to try and work in the colours not present yet and it was pretty hard because this gorgeous journal already had a rainbow

Monotones is a bit of a challenge for me who is very partial to the entire range of colours and using them quite liberally. I found there was no gold and no red so I went with them. 

The first 2 pages were play and fun and I am also using them as journal prompts in our Australian Art Swap Group and the third one was much more personal.

 I recount memories from a long ago family holiday and include some natural elements from that trip.
I have another page in process and am leaving a double page for my beloved mama to play in and then her whole journal is filled!

I did this little on on the back page and I made a video if you want a look through the whole thing. It features many artists work from the Australian Art Journal Swap.


Thursday, November 24, 2016

Medicine Drums

I recently attended a workshop with Jennifer Wust of Mountain River Drums and created my own frame drum- this is Riversong. 

Jen makes beautiful drums and leads drum circles,
 these are some of  her hard working drums and they have been played by many people over many years. 

 We have decided to collaborate on painted drums with Jen creating these beauties and me painting on them. So she has sent these ones up for me to experiment on and get used to what will work on them.

So far I have tested various inks, stains, paints and dyes for application and they will need to go back out and do some more work now to see how the drums work with these art materials on them and also how the art materials hold up to life as a working medicine drum. 

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Birds on the Brain

I am deep in study this year 

but still in touch with the fabulous women of the Australian Art Swap Group on facebook

 and while I am not doing many swaps I could not resist this one. 

Janie OBrien hosted a Nature Booklet swap and I of course chose birds.

It was fun to just play and make art.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

30 Days of Painting Challenge

I have a few online spaces I inhabit and one of them is a very special warm and safe community the  Australian Artist Swap Group on facebook. The name is pretty clear we are all Australian residents as I started this group to save on postage costs and facilitate an active swap community locally.
Inspired by the beautiful and talented Judy Wise  we are gathering a group to work on a single canvas for 30 days, even if it is only for 5 mins and the 30 days do not need to be consecutive but we will be tracking our progress and sharing the experience and images on our group with ‪#‎AASG30daychallenge‬
We already have 2 of our lovely members away and enjoying the challenge and I will posting prompts and inspirations over the 30 days, if you are wanting to join us we are always welcoming to new members who meet our few guide lines - you need to be a resident of Australia and keen to join in with the group, there is no pressure to join the swaps we have  few members who are there to appreciate the art produced and the energy of the group. We do not do any selling in this space and it is a very safe and encouraging space where we welcome and appreciate all abilities and contributions, ranging from the children's ATC swaps right through to the Travelling Art Journals

 Oh and in other news I am working on a brand new web site at Fig Tree Sanctuary It seems all River Girls have to grow up eventually and I need to come up with my new business name in the meantime it is Fig Tree Sanctuary, so pop over there if you would like to see my latest developments as I complete my training in art therapy and intentional creativity.