Monday, May 21, 2018

Flying Fox

I am the last artist to work in Roz Willoughby's lovely silhouette travelling art journal.

My page is inspired by the 20 000 flying foxes we have on Susan and Peanut Islands in the mighty, mighty Clarence river in Grafton NSW. 

They are such a magnificent sight filling the sky at sunset, swooping down to the river to skim the surface wetting their furry chests so they can get a drink after a long hot day sleeping in the trees before dispersing for their evening of foraging and pollinating.

These colonies are native to the east coast but innocently inspire quite a bit of contention in human communities. Personally I admire and appreciate them and I am a keen gardener and fruit tree grower and spent 2 years living right next to a huge colony further down river. I like to live and let live and tread lightly upon this earth. 

Monday, May 14, 2018

Funky Town

Robyn's cute little journal from round 6 of the Australian Art Journal Swap has been sitting on my desk just waiting for me to play.

I have been trying to remember what I dreamed of as a kid and I think it was living in a real community. 

My Mama had a really cool friend who homeschooled her kids and I had a girlfriend down the road with an exotic hippy extended family. I so wanted to live in that funky imagined utopia.

My page is created using home made stamps, acrylic paints, gel pens and posca paint pens.

Monday, May 7, 2018

Gypsy Journal

I, like quite a few of us took a while to find my mojo and create my journal for round 6, but once I did it was so much fun.

My theme is Gypsy.
To me this word brings so many images to mind but the beautiful horse drawn gypsy caravan and a fortune teller were the strongest.

I used my favourite Stonehenge paper and bound with leather.  My pages are created with inktense pencils, acrylic paint, serviette, lace and scrap book paper.

Im ready to hitch up the horses and send it travelling and watch it gather beauty here on our blog, you can follow along

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Tea Bag Art in Lisa'a journal

My first journal to play in, in Round 6 is our fabulous Lisa Jones's Music and Lyrics. Lisa is such a gorgeous artist and one of the things I admire is her incredible tea bag art! So I was always going to do something with tea bags in this journal.

I had to find a song that had tea in it and what could be more iconic than "A home among the gum trees".

I painted my page with tea and used some inktense for the green leaves, the plums and the dark browns.  Tea bags are collaged onto the trees and the house.

I was quietly chuckling when I saw Joans dot to dot this month  on AASG is all about tea bags!

Monday, April 30, 2018

Monthly Creativity Prompts

Will you join us?

Come and play 
in your own creative way!

You can interpret these posts in any way you desire. You might be inspired to take a photograph or do an art journal page one day and write a poem or do a quick sketch another day.

You can do as many prompts as you like, may be just the ones that provoke you or inspire you on that day or you might want to take up the challenge to do them all.

I have created a new group over on my River Girl Healing Arts facebook page so you can share there or share anywhere and include the hashtag #rghaprompts . If you are keen to join the group just let me know and I hope to see you over there!

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Art Nouveau

Roz's lovely Art Nouveau journal arrived this month and it took me a while to come up with a theme. I was planning on drawing my girlfriend's lovely cottage but although it does have elements of art nouveau it is more federation. I am learning all the time :)

Further discussion with Kathy and she suggested the Paris metro and once I saw the gorgeous subway entrances I was entranced. Now I have another place I want to visit. 

Please excuse my unedited photo's as I am still without a pc. 

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Art journalling in the style of Teesha Moore

I was thrilled when mum sent me her journal
 as I love theme and I wanted a good sticky beak 
at all the lovely pages done by everyone. 

Mum and I are very close and love to live near each other
 but I live in hot humid Grafton 
and they cant cope with the weather 
so they live hundreds of km away in the central west.

But mum loves Grafton and the jacarandas 
and the Jacaranda Festival 
so I wanted to do a page about Grafton and of course 
it had to be purple

Working in Teesha style to me means bright and busy
 with lots to look at,
 colourful borders, interesting words 
and unexpected quirky characters. 

So my jacaranda queens
 are not quite like any I have seen at festival time
 but they sure were fun to create. 

The next page I created was inspired by bugs- 
its summer time here and they are loving
 all the heat and rain we have had lately. 

Mum had 4 pages left and generously said I could play in all of them :) 
So I unearthed so much 'stuff'
you know all of that stuff we hoard for art?
This style of journalling is really good for using it all up. 

My girlfriend Kathy visited Paris a couple of years ago
 and shared some of the incredible exhibitions
 she saw with me through photos and bought back flyers and catalogs. 

So these pages are about Picasso and Paris as an armchair traveler.

As I was making my way through the piles of above mentioned stuff
 I came across some fashion mags. 
They have fabulous fonts and great imagery
 but I was a bit upset at the extravagance
 of it all and this page became a bit of a rant. 

I saw all of these shoes and shoes and shoes
 and knew I had a fabulous big die cut 
somewhere so they formed the basis of my last pages. 

However I was shocked at the ridiculousness of it all
the prices!
and where could you even wear them?

So many ways in my opinion that could better use those dollars. 

I should also say I own very few shoes 
and the most expensive are my well worn,
 paint splattered  redback work boots.