Saturday, February 1, 2014

Journal52 week 1 Up Up and Away

Have you discovered Journal52?
It is a year long free art journal program with weekly promps and an active facebook group to share our work.

This is a page in my waste paint journal. It is where I clean off my brushes and stencils and stamps and catch any over spray and use up excess anything, so when I started this page it was already well layered with black gesso, spray inks and collage. next I added lots of journalling about what I want to release and send Up Up and Away. I covered it with white gesso and then I drew up my ideas 

These are the tools I had used in my drawing stage- a 2B pencil and a rubber, a black and 2 different sized white gel pens and a very pale grey Pitt pen.

To add colour I wanted it to be bold so I used Inktense watercolor pencils (Derwent)

You can see the intense pigment released when you add water.

I completed the drawing in a very sketcherly way adding details to my dandelion and lots of seeds blowing across the page and a little bird.

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  1. That was so interesting....a mini tutorial and the outcome is so pretty. Bravo!!


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