Saturday, February 8, 2014

Animal Totems Travelling Art Journal

A journey through my wonderful journal Totem Animals

It has been travelling around the world

Gathering beauty and wisdom from fellow artists.

Stunning details and embellishments.

Beautiful colours and different techniques.

I feel so spoiled to have this private gallery on my shelf.

You can see more and find out who contributed on my facebook album


  1. You certainly have a wonderful collection of beautiful and thoughtful pieces of art. It's a treasure trove <3

  2. So glad you got your journal! I always worry about them traveling alone. haha Your journal and 4 others were with me for a couple of months. I really enjoyed working in all of them; and your journal is just beautiful! I hope some of us could do this again. Keep in touch.

  3. Still so awe inspiring! And I have had the pleasure of seeing it IRL <3


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