Monday, March 3, 2014

The Australian Art Journal Swap

I am so excited- today is the day finally when I and my fellow artists in the Australian Art Journal Swap  send our lovingly crafted little journals our on their maiden voyages.

There are 13 of us covering really different themes- 

1) Nicole - Out of the Box
2) Jan - Just Three Words
3) Roz - Oriental
4) Pam - The Music in You
5) Janene- The things that make you truly happy
6) Louise - The Art of Transformation
7) Reniet - Laughter in spite of Pain
8) Monika - Grimoire
9) Wendy - Reveal- Your True Self
10) Mary - Memento Mori
11) Deb - Natura
12) Sharon - A Touch of Alice
13) Danielle - Book of Mirrors

 Wont you follow along on our blog and share our journey with us?  It is going to be so much fun working with this wonderful group of women, getting to know them and getting to work in their journals- Hooray 


  1. Wow I love your page and the cover beautiful and restful to look at.

    1. Thanks Janene, it will be a while before it comes around to you :)
      I cant wait to get yours here.


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