Friday, March 7, 2014

Cut Out Page

My mermaid princess-
she was OK but I felt the page needed more, I also wanted to include journalling. 

These are a couple of lessons from soul food,
and today I started to play with my mermaid page.

It had lots of amazing translucent texture for water 
and I loved that but I could not write on it, I also felt there was just too much water around her.

So I cut a little hole out of the page to draw the eye forward, to see what was underneath and I made it all part of her space. I then collaged on some lovely wispy sea grass to give some dimension and also to offer a protective layer to the delicate leaves I used in my tree sprites hair.

I lined up the hole so she could peek through and then added more sea grass to the other side to frame her face and add to the mystery. I just love how the green watery page totally changes my autumnal tree sprite, now she looks like another mermaid peeking through.

I added my journalling to this page and the page on the right is just crying out for some watery creature to appear- it will be peeking through the hole as well and will appear behind my mermaid princesses shoulder. 

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