Friday, March 14, 2014


Busy , busy , busy, busy- gahhh

 How did life get so busy I am homeschooling, mothering, single parenting, maintaining a home and family, handraising a baby bird,  building, teaching, arting, promoting and I am sure there are other hats in there as well.

The rewards are wonderful 
but keeping all of those balls in the air gets so difficult at times.

I have just had a huge declutter - it was a side affect of knocking down a few walls to open up space for the new open plan kitchen/ dining/ lounge area but I am looking for all the secondary bonus's these days and the big purge of unwanted, unneeded stuff cleared space in my head and our home. 

To get the most benefit from this I wanted to get really organised in all the new areas of our home as they become ready to be lived in. I am so sick of having to move things constantly for the build to progress. 

All the boxes I use for carting my supplies for all the various classes and workshops I teach now reside neatly in a big shelf unit in the entry. All of my own art materials are now sorted and stored in my little bedroom corner studio and the boys have all of their stuff sorted and stored in their rooms. Sounds pretty obvious but when I think that 12 months ago the kids were living in a tent and most of our stuff was in boxes in storage it is huge. The way we had to access stuff when we needed it but still keep most of everything out of the house so we could have space to build led to a state of chaos really and so much time wasted trying to find things. 

The home school rego came up at the same time so that was another encouragement to overhaul and reorganise that part of out lives both physically and for time management as we have been so busy building some areas had slipped. The really good part of all of that organising and planning is I am feeling much more on top and in control of all areas of my life.

Now I just need to find time for me to art for me, I just had a whole day on Saturday and that was therapy after everything that has been going on here lately. 


  1. And you've got your L plate mother to bail out when she gets into an arty jam :)

  2. You've sure got a lot going on Louise and your son's artwork looks amazing!! That baby bird is gorgeous too!! Take care...Roz


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