Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Favorite Art Materials

Someone asked me the other day what are my favorite art materials to use and oh my goodness, what a question, that is like who is your favorite child- I love them all.

Deeper pondering and a look at the desk in my bedroom corner studio revealed my favorites, the ones I use the most right now. Acrylic paints, spray inks, inca gold, modelling paste, impasto gel, gesso, posca pint pens, stamp pads, stencils and gelli plates- and a realisation I can pack a whole lot of stuff into a little space and still work here.

I also have collage elements, paint brushes and pallet knives, baby wipes, paper towel, art journals, tapes and oil pastels on my desk right now and my laptop. 

My top drawer in my desk has a selection of my favorite pens. Right now I can not get enough of Sakura Souffle, Glaze and Metallic gelly roll pens- I love them. My other absolute favorite pen of the moment are the posca paint pens- they write on anything and come in a great selection of sizes and colours.

Next drawer down has a selection of handy tools.
Brayers, scissors, pencil sharpeners, tweezers, knives, stapler etc. Other drawers hold receipts and paperwork, stationary etc. 
 Embellishments, paper cutter, corner cutter and assorted other cutters.

In close reach I have a stack of drawers filled with spare pens and pencils, pastels, scissors, glue and book binding supplies. Other drawers hold needle felting equipment, beads and jewelry making gear. The box on top hold a good supply of gelli prints, some odds and ends and the essential radio so I can listen to RN.

I have a wonderful set of shelves right beside my desk jam packed with all sorts of goodies. It has a shelf of art journals I am working in and books I am making. A shelf of stamping stuff- ink pads, stamps and my hand made stamps.

This box is one filled with my hand made stamps.

These shelves also house lots of paints and my larger stencils, paper and magazines I keep. 

I also have this lovely big shelf filled finished Art Journals and other supplies I use less often.


  1. I sure wish somebody would organise my stuff like that. I have a big mess in two places and have a hard time finding what I want. Most of my storage is 50 litre boxes and so I have to move stuff all the time to dig out what I want. And then there is the black hole....down which stuff just disappears. I need shelves.

  2. Glad Im not the only one with squillions of art bits

    1. LOL I am sure there are many of us Chyfey


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