Friday, November 1, 2013

Nomad- Travelling Artist

I recently joined a group of artists to work collaboratively on a CRAP artist survey  chapbook. we looked at the artist as nomad.

 It was great to see how everyone took the idea and went in so many different directions.

As artists, we need to travel to work, sometimes I sell work online but markets and exhibitions are where more work is sold and commissioned and to supplement my income I teach all over the place. 

I worked in my usual style with plenty of layers to build up a rich background with stencils, inspired by recent play in my journal. Knowing we had limited time I was much more relaxed with a plan in my mind even if it was a vague one.

I then used one of my hand made stamps and added some of my own thoughts

As rural and remote artists we are nomadic, like seeds in the wind we float about until we find some fertile ground to settle and share our gifts of passion, knowledge and skills then we move on and leave more seeds behind to flourish, grow and bloom.

and a very apt quote,
contributed by a much loved fellow traveler.

“Books are the plane, and the train, and the journey. They are Home.”
~ Anna Quindlen.

This shows both sides of my pages, we had to make 60 pages each that ultimately became 60 books, all in 2 days and we all came home with 5 each and the others are to be donated to various libraries. 

Julies gorgeous pages used vintage pages and imagery
 she picked up on overseas travels

Doug made an incredible collage of our town map
 and our mighty river

And I love Hayley's pages with the view from a traveling van
 printed onto map pages.

The whole weekend was a lovely experience working collaboratively with a great group of talented artists.

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