Monday, October 28, 2013

Hand Made Stamps using kids craft foam

I love to use my own home made tools in my art work

I am inspired by many artists and by nature and I have various themes that come up regularly in my own works, and with these influences I have been making stamps to use in various mixed media applications.

I enjoy the different looking pieces I can create with the recurring themes.

This one uses simple triangles repeated

and has quickly become a favorite and inspired me to do the same with diamonds, circles and squares

I think I need to trim away the sides more to avoid the "frame" affect but in a way I like how it adds to the page anyway.

Birds and plants are perennial favorites with me 

I use them with paint or an ink pad and I also use them on my gelli plate. I think I will keep finding other ways to use them though and because they are flexible they work well over changing layers or around corners.

I made these stamps using kids craft foam, simply drawing into it with a pen or a pencil and adding as much or as little detain as I wanted.Then it is simply backed with a second sheet of foam using double sided sticky tape. If you feel inspired and make some as well I would love to see what you do please leave a link in the comments so we can all share.


  1. Love your stamps!! I am just starting to try and make my own as I think that is will be fun to create your range of stamps. You certainly have inspired me after seeing how good yours are!

    1. Thank you Janene. I make stamps in a few ways but this way is so simple and so effective. I would love to see your efforts when you make some. Thanks for stopping in for a look.


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