Friday, October 11, 2013

"Nature Study" A travelling Art Journal

 One of the things I really love about the modern internet connected world is forming communities online that span great distances and finding friends with similar interests and outlooks all over the world.

One way I love to join in with my online tribe is to share in travelling art journals and there is nothing like the thrill of finding a package like this covered in foreign stamps waiting in your mail box-

 So much fun opening it up and discovering all of the grace and beauty snuggled in the pages.

Then adding your own work.

This journal swap was put together by the amazing Palma Rea on Milliande's online art community for women.

I had 2 super talented partners and we each sent our journals around a few times

This and other pages here are by the most gorgeous Helen Lindton

And this one is a sample from lovely Karen Musgrave
you can see more of her gorgeous work at Connections by Karen 

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