Monday, November 11, 2013

My growing collection of art journals

I had a tidy up recently and gathered up all my art journals together on a shelf,
 they looked so good together I had to take a photo.

Then I started noticing more stashed all over the place and decided to gather them all together, purchased , hand made, and altered books  and wow they are forming quite a number. I am living in a renovation site at the moment so have so many things packed away and at another house and I know there are journals missing from my collection but wow they look good all together.

All of those juicy pages, hopes and dreams, challenges and events documented in my own personal manner. I love to be able to see the progression of my artistic ability and style as I look through the pages.

 This is my story.
In my voice and my hand documenting my journey. 

I sorted them out by size and restacked them on the shelf, 
but even my kids had associations with journals,
 just seeing the covers laid out and the memories came flooding back to all of us.


I love the look of them all together now, different shapes and sizes, and different bindings.

*Proud mummy moment~
These last 2 pics are from my youngest child,
he made this journal for his beloved Nan for her 70th birthday.

 This is his first hand made journal, maybe he will need a shelf of his own one day.

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