Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Sacred Moments

I have been working in Vera's
 "Sacred Moments"
Traveling Art Journal

This theme was a bit challenging for me
because I tend to find the sacred in every moment,
 as we have just passed summer solstice
here in Australia,
I chose that sacred moment,
of breaking dawn
on the longest day.

The writing on the left of this page
 is a quote from

and reads

"We inhabit ourselves without  valuing ourselves
unable to see that here, and now, 
this very moment is sacred, 
once its gone- its value is incontestable"
by Joyce Carol Oates.

Vera has made a unique journal,
she has a crotchet spine
and the pages are all sorts of thing,
paper bags, recycled envelopes,
 tarot cards, and even cardboard packaging. 
It is a fun and funky journal.


  1. I love the dawn spread - feels like a sacred moment of awakening to the day. See you in Book of Days :)

  2. Really gorgeous pages, Loulou. xx

  3. I know you see lots of Sacred's great you are able to depict them for us to see too.


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