Wednesday, January 25, 2012

BoD update 1

I have been really enjoying the process of working in my BoD

Unfortunately I dont have a good internet plan living here by my river so I dont get to watch most of the video's, however I do get to follow along with the group on facebook and I just sort of go with the process now.

These are pages I have played on ready to journal with,
and I often start a diary in the new year but I do tend to let it slip pretty easily

I am finding combining my art journal with my diary = Bod is working really well for me.


  1. I just love your creations Louise! I too have signed up for BOD now but am so swamped with all the courses and art journals that it might be a while before I get to play. I so enjoy seeing your pages!:-) xoxo

  2. I am glad I didn't sign up for anything else Mon lol but the BoD is a bit of a savior atm

  3. Wonderful pages, again. Love your style!


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