Friday, December 30, 2011

Art Journal Pages

I have been looking back 
through some of my ever growing collection of art journals
 and I thought I would share some images.

I often do a page when I come across a great QUOTE. 
Something to help me remember it.
I first found this quote when I was making a card for a friend, 
I made her the card and a lovely gift for her birthday 
and the very next day she ended our friendship. 
I wonder if she didn't like my quote.

I am very inspired by the GODDESS.
By all the archetypal stories and legends 
and often explore these themes in my journals.

I am a TREE lover.
Every few pages another tree tends to grow in my journals.
They are the garden of my imagination.

The FEMALE NUDE  is another favorite theme,
this one was in a particularly textured stage.
It's like instant rewind, 
looking back through my journals
 and I can see the stages I was in at that time.

This page was unusual for me as I don't tend to draw angels,
I was playing around with halo's on everything around this time
 and it may have been inspired by a class or a video I had seen at the time.

A scrappy collage all messy and shabby.
I love doing pages like this.
When I have a pile of scraps 
on my table that is when a page like this evolves.

Another passion of mine, 
all things earthy and great big boulders stacked up.

Oh look another TREE
this one inspired by the masterful
Gustav Klimt.

 are another beautiful theme I like to explore.

Just what is out there on the other side ? 
I think its the architectural shapes and the symmetry that I like here.

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