Wednesday, December 28, 2011

creating with the boys

I have had so much 
computer dramas 
in the last half of this year.

I decided to post some of the pics 
from the kids art 
over the years.

MR13 did this one
a few years ago now
~Bird Boy~
as a self portrait / portrait of his
much loved lorikeet
done in pastels

Navy Blue

This was a joint effort with the kids
for Mr8's
3rd birthday <3

the kookaburra and the pirate ship above it, 
done by Mr13 (when he was 8)

Mr13 had an ongoing fascination
 with bushrangers and Australian artists
he did these aged 9

My little one did an amazing job
with these sculpted 
he was 5 or 6

Mr 8 did this bark hut when he was 6
and took out the tio award in the 
Grafton Show <3

Mr8 had a thing for vikings
and used to draw vikings just like this
all over the place.So I got him to draw his very best viking,
and we used it as a template.
He chose the papers and we cut them out
 assembled it all into this.


  1. Wondeful, wonderful!!! What creative boys you have, they are taking after their mum!:-) xoxo

  2. Thats a very special time line to treasure :)

  3. Gorgeous work from the young lads- you've handed down something very special to them, Louise. <3


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