Friday, December 23, 2011

International Art Journal Swap

I have recently shared with you my Totem Animals Journal
that I have traveling with the 15 swap.

I also have another journal out there traveling the world,

I made and decorated its cover
 and introduction pages and sent it on its way.

It has been journeying since 2010
In the

I included a gift of an ATC 
for each contributor in my journal.

This is a spread I did in
 Pearls beautiful
"Poems, Quotes and Verses" Journal

A section of my contribution in 
Milliande's "Connections"

I did a tree of life
inspired by Climt
in Claresters 
"Life on Earth" Journal

Euphaeidae chose a theme close to my heart
Feminine Fertility

So I loved playing in her journal
 and made some interactive pages

And here I have a basket full of journals
 to play in over the next while.

I thoroughly enjoy playing in these traveling journals
and I am eagerly awaiting the day they arrive back home
carrying all the art and dreams my fellow artists have shared.

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  1. What a stunning body of work. It is all delicious!


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