Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Inspiration

This week in The Elements
the fabulous on line art journaling course I am taking
at Wild Precious Studio
we are deeply exploring Earth
and being a rather earthy girl myself
I am totally enjoying it.

Earth to me is so many things
it is everything and in everything
and it is

As a confirmed tree lover
I adore getting into the bush
or the rain forest.

After sharing with you the little fig tree I am making
I thought I might share the trees who are
the inspiration.

Look at these gorgeous trees,
at there wide and strong buttress roots,

at their adaptable
and spreading
firm hold on the earth

at their wide and many branched trunks,

this one even has doors and windows
tunneling through its base

such majestic beauty.


  1. beautiful - thanks for the walk about - I love trees and my special ones are the Redwoods here on the Santa Cruz mountains

    1. Thanks for coming for a walk with me Ruth, I do always think of you when I think of your magnificent Redwoods.


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