Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Elements of Art Journalling week 3- Air

This week in Effy Wild's amazing
The Elements of Art Journaling course
we have been working with the element of

Air is all about deep thinking and meditating, and as usual Effy had a swag of ideas for us to try and work with and the discussions in the studio and the work being done by the participants has been awesome. There is a great network forming here and it really is special.

I have been thinking about Air all week and really noticing things, the local sugar cane farmers are burning off the cane for harvest at the moment and there are a lot of raptors around. I love to watch the raptors soaring through the air, they are so powerful and masterful, searching the ground for morsels to eat.

I have been arting on this, all weekend and this morning I woke with the words to John Denver's Windsong in my mind, I had not heard the song in years though and could only remember tantalising snatches of the lyrics but they seemed to be perfect for my planned page so I had to google them with breakfast and they were just right for my raptor page.

This page was a snap shot of my days at the moment, it is so windy here and with 2 boys I have so much washing, I really appreciate the great drying weather the wind provides.
I had my lovely Mum come to stay through the week so I didn't get to my course work until this weekend, but I did get my Mum art journalling, and she went home with a lovely new journal and has done a few pages in it up here. She also went home with a good selection of supplies and a bundle of inspiration. It was so lovely for me to share my passion with my mum, and to have her take to it so readily, even though she thought she didn't have an artistic bone in her body. Yay Mum.


  1. Oh my goodness!! These are beautiful, BEAUTIFUL pages!! xxx

  2. Wonderful spreads!
    And thank you so much for sharing this part of your journey!

  3. Your course sounds very interesting and your pages are fantastic! What great fun to spend time with your mum and get her to art journal!!:-) xoxo

  4. These are great pages. I am so happy to hear Mum is getting into art too. Good for her! Lucky you Louise - the course looks fab :)
    Hugs Lois

  5. Your journal is absolutely wonderful! You also inspired me to convince my mum to do something artistic next time she visits :)


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