Thursday, April 21, 2016

Unfurling - Metamorphosis

This year is one of the most wonderful years I can remember and it is only April!
I am seizing the opportunities presented to me and transforming my life. I am doing such deep soul work in my studies and welcoming the new found understanding and appreciation of myself.

I am on a Red Thread Quest doing the Color of Woman training and learning so much about myself and intentional creativity. I am also learning how to work with others using this method to empower others to get to know and express themselves and for self-healing.

This painting came out of my sheer delight of painting in the way I am being trained to in the Color of Woman, it is using a 13 step method and intentional creativity and I just can’t get enough.

 Unfurling marks that point in my life where I have just woken up, I have so many wonderful things in my future all unfurling around me and I am just drying my wings and taking in it, almost ready to take flight. 


  1. I love your sweet lady, and this unfurling, as you fly into the Quest!! Xxx

  2. Fly high my girl. You have earned your wings <3


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