Friday, April 29, 2016

My Legendary Self

This was my first painting in the Color of Woman school and she represents my legendary self. She is powerful, she is knowing , she is grounded and centered in the beautiful earth right here where I live, in the massive arching fig trees and the mighty flowing river.

She has been within me for ever and at times in my life I have been very much in touch with her, she is fierce and takes no nonsense and can be quite domineering, she knows what she wants and she gets it, She is in me ancient and noble and she is also my younger self.

I lost touch with this aspect of myself but I need to welcome her back, I need that fire in the belly; I need her spark and confidence.

She is midwifing my rebirth and mothering my fragile new self, she is teaching me to look after myself, to prioritise myself and my self-care, to recognise my achievements and the worth and value of all that I do and offer. She is telling me I am enough, I am worthy, and nothing is beyond me. I am accepted and loved and appreciated just as I am.

My story is changing rapidly as I am undergoing a metamorphosis to reclaim all of that for myself.

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