Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Dreaming into Reality

As a single mama I have been putting my needs and dreams on hold for years, but as my darling boys have grown up so much and are becoming more and more capable and mature I am really grabbing every opportunity I can to realise my long held dreams. 

With the help of my best friend and partner Kathy,  the boys and I are living in town in our beautiful new home and things are moving towards  creating a magical art studio downstairs. The boys have taken to town like ducks to water and love living here and they are taking full advantage of their independence to stretch their wings and do more and more all of which is fabulous for them and is opening up more and more time for me to follow my dreams. 

This year will be huge for me on a personal level as I am undertaking 2 courses of study and hope to be opening my studio by July.  I am very excited about everything  falling into place, especially my courses, they are both online and I am very grateful for the fabulous opportunities we can access on the internet, what an amazing difference it has made to the world.

I am training as an art therapist with Rob Gray at the Center for Educational and Clinical Art Therapy CECAT   and loving this course.   Rob is passionate about art therapy and his course is very engaging and inspiring.  I am looking forward to the personal growth this course will bring me as well as preparing to bring this wonderful form of therapy to my community.

The other course I am doing is Color of Woman teacher training with Shiloh Sophia and I am so happy about this course. I have been drawn to Shiloh ever since I noticed her powerful divine feminine art works and I love all that she brings into the world. I also feel this will bring great healing and personal growth to my community and cant wait to be offering this in northern NWS.

2016 will be huge for me, filled with healing, personal growth, incredible learning, reaching out to those opportunities and  realising my dreams.


  1. You go girl!!
    Dreams are good and opportunities to follow them don't always happen.
    Wishing you joy <3

  2. All the best Louise...keep on dreaming!

  3. Wow, Louise - how exciting and ambitious of you to be doing both these trainings/quests together!! I wish you all the best! Xxx


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