Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Wooli Summer Exhibition

Some of my works on exhibition at the Wooli Gallery this summer,

Wooli as a great little town to visit, 
with the beautiful Wooli River on one side
 and the stunning Pacific Ocean on the other
 and surrounded by national park.

So if you are on the north coast NSW pop in and say hello to Helen.

Pick some lovely little something out

And take home your very own piece of
River Girl Art

I will also be out in Wooli over the summer along with a whole host of other talented artists offering free workshops in the ART box


28/12/2014 - Aim to Please - Laser Skirmish
02/01/2015 - Shari Reiman - Kids Yoga & Art
03/01/2015 - Pamela Denise - Art Cards
04/01/2015 - Abbey Mitchell - T-Shirt printing
08/01/2015 - Pamela Denise - Illustration and Design
09/01/2015 - Louise Kirby - Funky Felt Designs
10/01/2015 - Jake Dominey - Drum Workshops
11/01/2015 - Abbey Mitchell - T-Shirt printing
16/01/2015 - Pamela Denise - Illustration and Design
17/01/2015 - Jake Dominey - Drum Workshops
18/01/2015 - Pamela Denise - Illustration and Design
23/01/2015 - Aim to Please - Laser Skirmish


  1. Bravo Louise!! Your work is gorgeous!! Wishing you great success with you exhibition <3 xoxo

  2. Beautiful works. Hope you have lots of success. Art Box looks fun.


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