Monday, January 12, 2015

Finding My Mojo

Sometimes life gets crazy
 and days and days pass 
and I have not done anything artistic for ages,
 in these times I especially appreciate the arrival of a travelling art journal,
 because it puts me back in touch with my art supplies
 and comes with a theme and I can do anything I want
-it is a great way to pick up the brush and start playing.

I hadn't painted a canvas for a long time but it was coming up to gifting season and I also had an exhibition looming so I posted a challenge for colour blocking on our Australian Art Swap Group on Facebook and I shared this video.

and this one too

and I jumped right in with this underlayer.

Next came the colour blocking part I really wanted to try.

This how it turned out in the end 
and it also turned out to want
to go and live with a very special girl who loves it :)

Thankfully for me 
because I seem to have lost confidence in my hiatus
 so that will be what I am looking for next.

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