Friday, January 9, 2015

Capturing Beauty

It has been so long since I downloaded all the photos off my phone 

This was a stunning ferocious storm
and so very beautiful even though it looked like the end of the world approaching.

The wildflowers up at Ebor have been stunning, and I passed through them 4 times this year,

This gorgeous little fellow is made by my incredibly talented friend Monica Schmidt
Stories of Pearls and Plunder 

This is an adorable needle felted camel I met at the Gulgong Folk Festival
he is made from real camel fur
I dont know the talented artist who made him but I think h\she comes from Nimbin.

And this beautiful painting came all the way from England for me from my lovely friend Maisy.
Jeanette House - One Little House 

I just wanted to share some of the beauty from my life recently

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  1. How wonderful to have beauty as part of your life. It really adds joy.


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