Friday, December 20, 2013

Lyrics travelling journal

Liz made a beautiful journal to travel the world,
 collecting lyrics and art from countries near and far.
This is the page I made for Liz
 it is based on the song 'Great Spirit' by Medicine for the People.

I played with bright silk dyes and inks and textures and tried to make a beautiful page and also to capture a little of the beautiful energy of the song. Adding in an Owl Spirit as I have such a connection with owls.

Liz signed up to an art journal round robin with 16 other artists all dedicated to a smooth and regular exchange but sadly that is not how it worked out. From the start we had troubles with the lady who started the swap pulling out, the others rallied around and we got ourselves organised to continue and then we had quite a few journals go missing over the course of our swap so four lovely ladies including Liz will not be getting their beautiful handmade with so much love and energy art journals back. We have all done lose pages for them though and even replaced pages already done in the lost journals. 

It is a sad thing to lose your journal and I really do hope that where ever they are someone sends them home one day. I have also lost on of my journals in another swap the International Art Journal Swap  begun in 2010 and there are many lovely women still waiting on their journals from that swap besides me as well. 


  1. Beautiful page!!! I really like the geometric shapes on it and the fantastic bright colors! Oh, I hate to read about your lost journal and the other ladies' lost journals as well. It's so sad that people will not honor their commitments. It happens in other crafty swap groups as well. Y'all are super sweet to make relacement pages for your swap friends!! I know they appreciate that. I'm very lucky and have not been on the short end of swaps, but I've only done a few so far.

  2. Thank you Caroline, I hope Liz likes her page just as much. It is very sad and disappointing when people don't honor their commitment when we are trusting them with our creative heart and soul, as I am sure that is what we all put into these pieces as we send them out into the world filled with our hopes and very best intentions.


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