Friday, December 13, 2013

Little Kingfisher

Playing with one of my home made stamps in my waste paint journal.
I had no idea how handy this journal would be when I first started using it to clean off my brayer and stencils and printing things just to save and use the paint. It has been so good to have a page prepped and ready when ever I want to play. I can add to it with anything and make it as simple or elaborate as I feel and I have done so many pages now resting in bed.

I can grab it and jot down that quote or lyric or anything that grabs my attention. 

This one says 
(n) the gleam of last light on a rivers surface at dusk,
 the glow of a river in the darkness.

Perfect word for this river loving girl to remember and an experience I think many little kingfishers would experience regularly.

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