Monday, December 9, 2013


Inspiration- what inspires you ?
I am so thankful and so inspired by the beauty that surrounds me, I am a total tree perv and could fill this post with beautiful trees like the gorgeous jacaranda's up above that are celebrated every spring in Grafton with the annual Jacaranda festival.

Or this much loved red gum sheltering some kangaroo's in the paddock I look out on from my desk. This is the lightening tree so named because we all remember vividly the day it was struck in a storm a few years back, it is still a gorgeous tree and frames an inspiring view. 

This is the awesome space I live in, there are two other very special tree's I will save for a different post and just looking out at that ever changing sky also inspires me. 

I am inspired by many things though 
lyrics - songs
other artists
colour combinations
So many things can touch me and trigger a reaction that I want to get down, I want to express some way, but there are also other inspirations that I just cant catch, they are fleeting but beautiful moments that add to the richness of life.

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