Friday, September 27, 2013

Art Journalling on the Road

I am a busy person, 
these days I don't know many people who aren't busy.
  I always have so many things I need to do, and often the things I want to do for me come after the things I need to do as a mother or a house renovator or a working artist and I hate just sitting around waiting so I have been art journalling in my car on the road for years. 

I have a lovely van with a comfy bed in the back because the boys and I love to travel in it but I am equally fond of spreading out my supplies on the passenger seat and using the steering wheel as my "table" to lean my journal on.

All that time I spend hanging out at skate parks or BMX waiting for my boys usually gets put to good use.
I keep a basic kit packed and ready to go at anytime, it is how I store my most used tools anyway and I love the fact it also makes them easy to grab at a moments notice, I also love the way the boys make sure they are in the car when they are loading it up with bikes and skateboards and helmets and drink bottles.

I take a shopping bag with a couple of journals, a magazine to read a water bottle and my pencil case. In my pencil case I keep an assortment of gel pens, markers and paint pens, my favorite black pen for journalling is a uni ball eye micro, and I favor the broad white signo from uni ball as well. For bolder writing I love the posca paint pens or the Faber Castell pitt pens. I also have some 2B pencils for sketching, some paint brushes, some derwent inktense pencils, a water brush, a sharpener and a an eraser. I also take a sturdy plastic box with an assortment of stamps - mostly my own handmade ones, stamp pads, spray inks, water spray, impasto gel, white acrylic paint plus 2 or 3 other colours, glue stick, double sided sticky tape, scissors, a few stencils and any odds and ends I have swept into the box last time I had it out working with it.

I worked on this page at a recent weekend spent at the BMX track while my boys were following their passions, I was recuperating from the flu and following my own.

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