Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Mother Earth ATC swap- part 12

More fabulous ATCs have arrived

These gorgeous cards have been made by Lisa Dunn

Lisa is a fibre artist from Mississippi
and you can find out about Lisa at her blog
and see some of her magic with fibres
at her flickr

These amazing ATCs
are made from layers of heavy fabric,
perhaps upholstery fabric,
(from one who admires but knows nothing about fabric arts)

They are so tactile and lovely.

These gorgeous atmospheric cards also arrived,

they have come from Toos
in the Netherlands,

Some of Toos's other works can be viewed at

These pretty cards have been made with a stamp
coloured pencils and collage
using scrap book and magazine papers.

I love the vintage feel of these cards

I am enjoying receiving everyone's cards here,
it is so nice to hold them and see them in real life.


  1. All gorgeous; 2nd from top is my favourite.
    Oh dear, I feel like such a rank amateur now that mine is on it's way to you.

  2. They are all gorgeous Joanne, and the nicest thing about them is that they were all made by hand coming from the artists heart :-) Just like yours will be. We all have to start somewhere and I am honored that you have joined in the swap and I will soon be receiving one of your cards.
    Love and Light to you my friend.


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