Wednesday, August 31, 2011

August Swaps

I have had a fabulous busy creative month making art swaps
I am not normally one to dabble in fabric arts but I do admire them and couldn't resist joining in with this lovely swap over at Milliande's Art Community for Women

Each participant made 5 prayer flags and made them with good intentions for our anonymous receivers and it was not until the end of our time that the list was posted and we got our 5 names to send out our cards.

I have really enjoyed this process and am making some more to hang with the 5 I will be receiving, and the gorgeous sunny one I have already received from my lovely Mum who has taken to art swapping with great enthusiasm.

Almost my whole family is joining in the art swap fun,
we are getting the homeschool kids over at
to start swapping winter themed ATCs and my Mr8
received these gorgeous cards from a fellow
8 y.o. home schooled boy.

snowmen must be symbolic of winter for little boys in Australia
because my little one did a snowman as well

and he has never even seen snow.

He also did the gorgeous tree at the top of the post.

I was doing Tree ATCs as well and made the embossed one above
and the wired ones below for a Tree themed swap

and I have already received this one from my

It is such a treat having Mum start arting,
we now have a common interest and that is really special
and birthday and solstice presents just got a whole lot easier.

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