Monday, August 29, 2011

Mother Earth ATC swap- part 13

Another beautiful set of ATCs arrived today from Trine in the Netherlands,

Trines beautiful cards have her very heart and soul in them,
that is a picture of her gorgeous younger self.

Thank you Trine,
your cards are just lovely and thanks also for your extra stamps.

Last weekend I went to an Intaglio workshop
at the Grafton Art Club

The first prints are done with our simple drawings
etched into an aluminium plate

Then we worked them further , adding shading and highlights in multiple baths in the etching solution. I learned lots about intaglio and reaffirmed my love of printing.

It was great workshop
taught by the very lovely Rochelle Summerfield.

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  1. Louise, the ATCs are wonderful, and your art work is absolutely amazing!


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