Friday, April 10, 2015


Brain Dump

The last few years I have been so overwhelmed,
I have a lot of sad and stressful things happening, however
I am determined to get through it all this year.

One way I have been managing things is to purge all of my emotions and worries and cares onto my pages, sometimes I do that through imagery and that can express what I am feeling, sometimes I might even share those pages, but quite often lately I have had dark and angry, scared and sad things to express and while I do want to get them out I don't really want to revisit them myself or to share them with others. So I use different ways of hidden journaling.

Sometimes I journal out my heart and then simply cover it up- with gesso or collage, sometimes I just paint over the top of it or I might keep turning the page around 90 degrees and then write completely over the page full of writing like I did in the page above, there are 4 layers of brain dumping there, all at right angles to the one below and eventually  they become unreadable apart from the odd word if you really look.

I have been art journalling for years now
just think of all the money I have saved on therapists.


  1. What a powerful way to process, and so like cryogenic Smashbooking!

  2. Thank you Nadya I must say s a long term art journaller I struggle with the smashbook concept.


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