Monday, April 6, 2015

Making your own Stamps

I really enjoy creating my own stamps and stencils to use in my art,
I love that it is another layer made from my hand 
and that I have repeating elements used in many ways in my work.


I use various different materials to make my stamps,
the owl is carved from a commercial stamp carving block and 
the chevrons above were drawn and carved by my 11 yo son
using a giant eraser from the supermarket bought for $2. 50

These stamps were made using layers of craft foam,
these stamps can be made very simply by drawing directly onto the foam with a heavy hand, I do periodically redraw the designs on my growing collection of these stamps as they get filled with paint but they are also very easy to repair in this way and a pack of 100 sheets of craft foam enables you to make a huge amount of stamps. I love using these for printmaking.

Birds are a perennial theme with me and I have loads of bird stamps
they can really make a journal page pop,
using them just with some ink of paint

or using them as a base (I stamp with white gesso)
then painting your bird as elaborately as you desire.

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