Thursday, March 26, 2015

What is Art Journaling ?

I have been asked a few times lately just what exactly is art journaling?
It is a question that comes up quite often really as more and more people see the odd art journal page pop up on their computer screen and its popularity continues to grow.

Put simply an art journal is somewhere to play with words and images anyone can do it,for any reason at all.

There are no wrong ways to art journal and you don't need to be able to draw, there are many stunning journals done with creative collage, stenciling, stamping and beautiful lettering.

There are many different types of art journal, some are collaborative and travel among artists, in a group or a club or perhaps around the world. Some are to document something significant, a travel journal for a special holiday or a wedding or a persons life.

Others are a  very effective form of therapy, where you can pour your heart out in the privacy of your own art journal. You can even express things you just cant say in words through art.

Your journal can be as public or as private as you would like it to be. Art journalers all over the world are sharing their pages online I have even had pages of mine and pages done by my students
 exhibited in art galleries. 

It is a safe space for you to explore ideas and process things,

Document what is happening or what you have seen.

Or simply to play.

There are no rules for art journaling, it is not complicated, it is a form of self expression.

There is a long tradition of artists keeping journals ,
throughout the centuries many have kept note books where they sketched, wrote notes, practiced and experimented.  Van Gogh, Picasso and Da Vinci were prolific journal keepers and over the years you will grow to have a beautiful collection.

I will be starting an Art Journaling Class in Grafton in the next month or so, please contact me if you are interested in joining me in this relaxing creative hobby.


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