Monday, March 30, 2015

Artist Trading Cards

ATCs or Artist Trading Cards are little mini art works and can be made for anything, to any theme and then swapped among fellow ATC artists.

I have been making and trading them for quite a few years now and it is always a thrill to see what arrives in your mail box :)

I have started a group to just trade art within
 Australia and we have been making ATCs,
 I am offering adult swaps and swaps for the little artists in our lives.

My son and I carved some stamps
 to use to make some bird themed ATC's recently.

These are our cards all ready and waiting for the mail out date.
If you would like to join in the fun and you reside within Australia
find us on facebook. Australian Art Swap Group 
and check your PMs once you apply.

ATCs can be made from any material,
the only rule is the size,
there is a fabulous PDF with so much information about ATCs 
you can look at online  it is called Art in your Pocket
I often recommend people new to ATCs to have a look at that guide.

Sometimes I like to create interactive ATC's

This one has a wrought iron garden gate,

I often make myself a card as well when I am doing a set for a swap,
and it is always good to clearly label your cards 
before you send them off. 

This amazing card comes from the incredibly talented Kalona

these cards were from an unusual shaped ATC swap.

This beautiful ATC was done by Mary Larner

And these pics are of my unusual shaped ATC 

I included my love of layers and intricate details 

Creating a Goddess Alter 

There is no end to what you can do with your ATCs
I regularly teach ATC workshops so keep an eye out if you are local.


  1. Wow! Beautiful ATCs Louise! :)) I've been slacking on mine again lol School is taking up more of my time than ever it seems. Can't wait for summer vaca! <3

    1. Thank you lovely, I have not done ATCs for years and am just getting back into them now, mainly to facilitate trading here in Australia

  2. I love your goddess altar card. So beautiful and thoughtfully created.

    1. Thank you Sharon, I love it too- very precious :)


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